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Top 13 Digital Marketing Interview Question And Answer For Job

Top 13 Digital Marketing  Interview Question And Answer For Job

I know you are doing a preparation for Digital Marketing interview so now be relax because Digital Marketing is just now a marketing but this a combination of art and science so have to understand all techniques and all method because you are not just preparation for interview, you are preparation for your career so don’t read this silly interview question and answer. Your could to understand very well all digital marketing tricks.

Lot’s of people ask me how we are preparation for SEO Interview and SMM Interview but I am giving same answer to everyone don’t read only for interview, preparation for career and life. If you are fresher in Digital Marketing Field so you should to lean all tricks and all SEO Technique because of SEO is a Main part of Digital marketing.

Just for your information I am also Digital Marketer so I know which types of question they ask you in interview so here I am telling you best and common Digital Marketing Interview Question. Defiantly this question are they ask you in interview.

Here Is Your Interview Question With Answer.

Q. 1) What is Digital Marketing And How Much Use full Digital Marketing For Business?

Answer :- Digital marketing is all about brand marketing tactics via the online channels. It includes various methods and techniques like SMM, SEM, SEO, Email marketing, PPC And Link building etc.

It’s very use full to increase your online sale and Increase your Brand Building, Product Promotion and easy to connect with customers.

In simple term Digital Marketing is a time saving for sale in low costs.

Q.2) What is a SEO?

Answer :- SEO means Search Engine Optimization is a technique in digital marketing that allows increasing the website traffic quality through organic search engine results. This method is very difficulty to do but this is a best method to increase your website traffic.

Q.3) What is a SMM?

Answer :- SMM means Social Media Marketing, In SMM you have to promote your brand or business on social platform like a facebook, tweeter, instagram, google plus and many more.

Note :- Just kind of information on  2 Second March Google Plus permanently tormented.

Q.4) What Is PPC?

Answer :- PPC means Pay Per Click, In PPC you have to pay to Google for show your website on top 1 page immediately but this position not permanent position so you have to doing SEO.

Q.5) What are the different ways to promote digital marketing ?

Answer :- Here we have lots way I will tell you set by set all ways.

1. SEO (search engine optimization)
2. SEM (search engine marketing)
3. E-commerce marketing
4. content Marketing
5. social media marketing
6. Email marketing

Q.6) What is different between organic result and Paid Result.

Answer :- Organic result means this result is permanent result and you don’t pay to anyone for this position but in paid result you have to pay to Google and get result but this position is temporary result. For more easily you understand show below screen short.

In above screen short you can see paid result always show on top means paid result show above the organic result but this result is a temporary but organic result permanent so keep work on SEO and get organic result.

Q.7) What is a Keyword In SEO And Which tool do you use for keyword result?

Answer :- Keyword is a doing most part in SEO because every website ranking on Google is depend on Keyword destiny and proper keyword.

I am using lots of tool for keyword research like a…..

1. Google adword tool
2. Ahref Tool
3. Moz Pro

Q.8) What are the best and top digital marketing tool you are using mostly?

Answer :- I am using free tool and paid tool also. Ok fine here I am add my favourite tool list below.

1. Rank Watch
2. Google Adword Tool
3. Moz
4. Google Analytics
5. Google Search console
6. Digital point keyword tracker
7. Xml sitemap generator
8. Ahref tool
9. Keyword ever where
10. Grammerly
11. See Google Similar site

Q.9) How are you giving a rate to yourself on the scale measuring 1 to 10 based on your knowledge in the field of Digital Marketing knowledge?
Answer:- Make sure you neither to overestimate nor to underestimate yourself.
Through about this question, the interviewer want to learn if you are acquainted with your strengths as well as weaknesses in this field.
Do analyze what types of knowledge and skills you possess and the quantum of work you need to more learn to become expert in Digital marketing field.

Q.10) What is a Keyword density and how is count?

Answer :- Keyword density means how many time do you use exact match keyword we use in one single article.

In 100 word do you use exact keyword one time then keyword density is 1%.

Q.11) What is a ROI?

Answer :- ROI means return our investment it’s means how much money we invest our money on paid adverstiement and how many we get benifites its means how much we sell our product or services.

Q.12) How many Algorithm are Google update and which one?

Answer :- First of you can tell algorithm updates means defense to spam it’s means Google fight against spammers.

Google update 5 major updates.

Here is update list and details.

 panda Update :- Panda update published on sep. 23-2014, version 4.1 and this version hits those website they use duplicate content and information.

Penguin Update :- penguin update published on October  17-2018 and this update hit those website they do over optimization and they have lot’s of bad backlinks.

Humming Bird Update :- Humming Bird Update are not hit over website but this update hit our website traffic.

Pigeon Update :- Pigeon Update release for Google My Business means locat seo so this update only effect on Local SEO not in organic SEO.

Pirate Update :- This update specially release for those website they providing free songs and videos without copyright permission.

Q.13) How Many Types Of Keyword are using In SEO?

Answer :- In SEO we using lot’s of types of keyword but mostly 3 types of keyword are using digital marketing.
Here is they keyword types.

Generic Keyword :- In Generic Keyword we can’t identify users intension. And also competition are high. Generic keyword people call short keyword.

EX :- Car, Shoes, Mobile, Laptop

In this screen short you can see CAR keyword has a high search volume and competition also high.

Specific Keyword :- In Specific keyword we can know user intension and also competition are medium.  Specific keyword second name is 2 Word Short Keyword

EX:- Car Price, Shoes Price, New Mobile, Latest Laptop

Above screen short you can see Car Price Keyword has a medium search volume but competition are also high.

Localized Keyword :- In Localized keyword we can know everything about use intention and also user location and in localized keyword have low competition. Localized keyword second name is Long term Keyword.

EX:- Car Price In Mumbai, Shoes Price In Kolkata, New Mobile Shop In Delhi, Latest Laptop In India.

In this screen short you can see car price in Mumbai keyword has a search volume is low and competition also low so here you can easily rank in 6 to 8 month maximum.

I hope now you have some information about Digital Marketing Interview so don’t worried about interview because here I am published lot’s of more Digital Marketing Interview Question so read all question and answer must remember this 13 Interview question and answer.

Best Of Luck For Your Interview And New Job.

Here is your Digital Marketing Job vacancy.

Job :- SEO Job In Jaipur

Impotent Note :- In this article I am cover most common digital marketing interview question and answer and come soon I am here published all digital marketing question in step by step.

As soon as possible on I am published all types interview question and answer so bookmark out blog for more job vacancy information and interview question.
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